So How Does A Snap Pack Work?

Known also as pressure seal mailers, Snap Packs are an 8.5x11 or 8.5x14 sheet of paper folded up (either in a C fold or Z fold) and sealed with pressure seal glue on the outside. When received in the mail it looks like a check. It comes with instructions for removing the edges, which after you do it, you are left with a letter and even a check (or mock check).

Top Reasons For Using Snap Packs

  • Envelopes aren’t needed (saving you money)
  • Curiosity factor leads to better open rates
  • Which then leads to higher read rates
  • Which leads to statistically higher response rates

The overall value for you is that, because people find snap packs interesting, they are more likely to respond to them. Combined with the fact that Snap Packs cost less than letters do, this format has great benefit for creating interest for your new customers.


By combining the values of greater interest and lower cost than traditional letters along with a targeted mailing list, snap packs are a winning choice for your business!

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