Saturation Mailing

Reach a Large Number of Potential Customers Quickly & Affordably

Saturation mailing is a popular marketing technique used to target potential customers by sending them marketing pieces such as promotional materials and advertisements.

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This method of advertising is also referred to as “blanket mailing” because it involves sending out the mass distribution of mailers, leaflets, magazines, or newsletters to households within an area.

Targeted direct mail is ideal for companies with limited resources who are looking to reach their local market in an economical way.

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How does saturation mailing work

This form of direct mail marketing campaign can be extremely effective in reaching out to ideal customers and increasing product awareness. The process works by delivering advertisements door-to-door or through the postal system to all households in a specific geographical region or target demographic group.

Saturation mailing is often used to:

  • promote a new product or service
  • remind existing customers of an upcoming sale or promotion
  • deliver coupons or discounts
  • increase brand recognition
  • create awareness for a brand or product

By using bulk mailing, a business can reach a large number of potential customers in a short period of time.

The process of saturation mailing typically begins with the selection of a target market. This involves researching the demographics of the target audience and determining how best to reach them.

Once the target market is determined, a saturation mailing list is created that includes the residential addresses or business addresses of potential customers. The saturation list is then used to send out the advertisement or promotional material.

Is saturation mailing right for your business?

Saturation direct mail is ideal for businesses targeting a specific demographic or geographic area. By targeting a wide variety of people in a specific area, saturation mailing ensures businesses don’t miss out on any potential customers or sales opportunities. There is also the potential to gain new customers through saturation direct mail by targeting people who may not be familiar with the business or its products and services.

This direct mail strategy can be used for both B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-consumer) marketing. For B2B campaigns, saturation mail can be used to target specific types of business customers, such as restaurants or retail stores. For B2C campaigns, mail pieces can be used to target specific types of consumers, such as seniors or young adults.

The most common type of mailing involves mass mailing postcards, flyers, or leaflets to every household in a certain zip code. This type of direct mail content is usually used to promote a specific product or service.
Saturation mailing can also be used to test the effectiveness of a direct mail campaign. This is done by sending out multiple pieces of mail to the same area and tracking the response rate. Direct mailers can help a company determine which type of direct mail works best for their particular market.

Ready to invest in saturation mailing? TripleCrown Mail is here for you!

Preparing for a saturation mailing campaign can be intimidating. But with our guidance and services, you can make sure your message is received by the right people. We will show you bulk mailing options designed especially for your business and help you choose the best type of mailing list. This could include flyers, brochures, postcards, or even catalogs, depending on what information you want to share with potential customers.

Our team of direct mail experts will design your marketing material to ensure it is eye-catching and easy to read. Our creative teams have mailing professionals who are ready to help you create the perfect saturation mailing package. Once the design process is complete, we will print and mail your targeted mail on time and in full.

Companies use this method to reach their target audience by sending out large quantities of mailers in order to promote their products and services and take advantage of affordable bulk postage rates. It is important that the mailers are distributed correctly and follow the right mailing route in order to ensure maximum outreach and results.

The advantages of saturation mailing include cost efficiency, targeted audience reach, and a low barrier to entry. When compared to other forms of advertising, saturation mailing can be relatively cost-effective, especially when targeting a local customer base. Work with TripleCrown Mail and make the best of saturation mailing!

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Frequently Asked Questions

To obtain saturation postage rates your mailing must meet one of the following requirements:

  • Sent to at least 75% of addresses in walk sequence order in a carrier route
  • Sent to 90% of residential addresses within a route
A saturation mailing list or occupant list allows you to send to all households in a geographic area. Reaching all households in a given carrier route allows you to leverage a saturation postage rate which is lower than more targeted lists. They are different than Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) in that saturation mailing lists are individually addressed to a person rather than a postal customer like in EDDM.
Saturation mailing allows you to send all types of mail including brochures, letters, catalogs, flyers, postcards, etc. Postage rates based on size and weight will still apply.