With TripleCrown Mail, we are looking to use the best resources to energize your marketing campaign. The priority of a saturation mailing is to get your business in front of at least 90% of people living on a particular carrier route. Known also as EDDM (Every Door Direct Marketing), this type of direct mail marketing strategy differs from a targeted mailing list because all your promotional campaign goes to the current residents in a localized geographical area.

Targeted data gives us the ability to use data to put your company in front of people who are more likely to be future customers based on other criteria. In other words, saturation mailings focus on the “where” a mailer goes rather than focusing on the “who” it goes to. So, when do saturation mailings make the most sense?

When every house matters. Usually delivered in sequence, our saturation mailing option guarantees your promos are delivered to each and every target house within the mailing list. Saturation mailing is beneficial in a lot of ways for your business.

When you’re looking to draw people in a particular neighborhood. It helps to redefine the meaning of advertising effectively by making sure your campaign spreads fast and easily. While doing the conventional TV or radio commercial can be at a premium, saturation mailing presents a better alternative by engaging every household in a way they actually respond to.

When postage makes or breaks your ROI. Sending your campaign right to the doorsteps of every house benefits your company by saving you 9 cents/piece in postage rates. This type of mailer helps you get the best ROI so your company can reach your goals fast. Saturation mailing will help your company become a known entity within a specific area, reinforcing branding through brand awareness leading to customer retention.  

Saturation mailing (EDDM) can be used by businesses looking to increase a local footprint. Examples include:

  • Business grand openings

  • Businesses seeking to attract possible customers beyond the 10-mile radius of their business location

  • Restaurants

  • Dry cleaners

  • Hair salons

  • Nail salons

  • Automotive shops

  • Most fitness centers (ie..cross fit gym or boxing club not a good fit)

  • Tax accountants

  • Dentists

  • Urgent care

  • Banks

  • Chiropractors

  • Insurance

  • Real Estate

  • Many types of retail though this is on a case by case basis depending on what you sell. 

  • Recreation (golf, bowling, fun parks, dance classes, sports teams, theaters, etc..)

  • and increase walk-in traffic to your location..

Generate lists of all addresses within a given area.

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