Real estate direct mail promotion is a flexible tool for your business because it can be used to close sales, generate leads, harness a quicker investment return, and introduce new products and services to the market. It is a low-cost marketing strategy, has a better turn around, and can be used to get a better hold of your prospect’s interests. 

Why Use Postcard Marketing For Your Real Estate Business?

  • Brand your name and build trust
  • Establish yourself as the expert
  • Get more referrals
  • Get more clients in a given neighborhood where you already have listings
  • Increase average sale by working with better clients

Best Types of Direct Mail for Realtors

  • Targeted consumer mailings: TripleCrown will employ all the data available in order to mail only the best and most ideal potential clients. We can filter your list using a number of categories. Some of the most regularly utilized include: by age, income, home owners, marital status, length of residence, home sqft, net worth, home equity, age of home, rental property owners, credit scores, hobbies and even more.
  • Loyalty mailings (Database): Stay connected with past clients by keeping them updated with new information. Using postcards like this is a great to get more referrals!
  • Every door direct mail (EDDM): Saturate carrier routes in neighborhoods you want to gain new customers on a regular basis and spend less than other mail types.


Best Direct Mail Offers and Approaches for Realtors

  • Highlight the houses you "Just SOLD"
  • Offer a FREE home warranty with the sale
  • Offer a FREE market evaluation
  • Offer a FREE professional photography with your listing
  • Offer a FREE professional home staging with your listing
  • Give two tips on how to add home value
  • Offer a FREE house cleaning during your listing
  • Send them a calendar or a magnet that will be visible with your picture and contact info on it.


TripleCrown Mail creates and delivers real estate marketing postcards to the prospective clients in any targeted area. Postcards help you get leads for your real estate business and strengthen your reputation with testimonies from previous clients and an effective call-to-action.


At TripleCrown Mail, we want to make postcard marketing easy for realtors. From the moment we design your postcard, to narrowing your recipients with the best targeted mailing list, to the actual printing and mailing, we’ve got you covered so you can do what you do best – sell houses! 


Give us a call today or click the contact button, and we will schedule a call to put together a winning project that meets your specific goals.