Good News For Nonprofits

As a Non profit organization, you rely on people's generosity. The good news is that Americans are some of the most generous people in the world. Check out these stats from 2017:

  • Americans gave more than $400 billion through organizations and personal relationships for the first time. 
  • That was an increase of 5.2%!

Are you reaching these individuals with your message? TripleCrown Mail can help you access these dollars by generating a targeted mailing list that identifies people with values most aligned to your organization. Combining that information with a custom made postcard outlining what you are doing to serve your community will increase you overall ROI. 

Want an example?

Below is a postcard we recently sent out. We can customize your postcard to the design you like or we can print your design. Either way, our efficient process will increase your ROI and give you the ability to focus on running your business. 

When you're ready to build a winning campaign without the headaches of doing everything yourself, contact TripleCrown Mail. We specialize in making Direct Marketing affordable and pain free for you so you can focus on helping the people around you. Contact us today!