Postcard Marking for Non Profit Organizations

Our cards used in our postcard marketing for non profits

Statistics prove that postcard marketing promotions get your prospects’ interests by giving them the info they want in an engaging medium. It is an economical method of promoting your products and achieving high returns.


Direct-mail postcards put your business right in the face of new customers giving you a serious advantage over other forms of advertising. Postcards have the immediate affect of grabbing customers with the message your company is  offering. Whether you’re considering a 4x6, 5.5x8.5, 6x11, or another alternative, our postcards can be produced in 48 hours and designed to you exact specifications. TripleCrown Mail can get the right look produced for you with the quickest turnaround times!


With TripleCrown Mail’s postcard marketing programs, your promotions are delivered to the right consumers for the highest response rate. Depending on your intended audience, we can effectively filter your prospects based on demographic and geographical criteria. Our custom postcards are also fitted and designed to reflect your company goals. 


Combined with TripleCrown’s ability to craft the most personalized data available, we can help you zero in on your ideal customers. We utilize the best analytics available to make your marketing dollars go further and reach the best customers! 

Why Direct Mail Postcard Marketing Works?

  • Engaging – Stand out in the crowd with special offers, reminders, special events and holidays
  • Vital – Reach a specific audience with exclusive offers tailored to them
  • Quantifiable Results – Your customer transaction/redemption information can be analyzed to measure effectiveness
  • Efficient – Utilize your resources to mail to the most beneficial leads only
  • Customizable & Distinct – Telling your story in various ways increases your response rate by over 30%. 

How To Utilize Postcard Marketing

  • Radius mailings: Mailing to homes in a particular area around a specific location
  • Targeted consumer mailings: Using analytics to prioritize mailing to only the ideal “would-be" customers in your mailing area. Common filters include: disposable income, net worth, marital status, age, gender, presence of kids, ultra affluent indicators, and so much more.
  • New mover mailings: Welcoming new neighbors with a $20 certificate to your place can win a consumer for life! Don’t miss out on this business-building opportunity
  • Every door direct mail (EDDM): This option helps you save more on shipping by saturating carrier routes around your location with promotions or coupons.
  • Bulk mail, zip code mailings, saturation mailings: Options for mailing some or all of the addresses in a given region or state all the way down to a city and even a carrier route.

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