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“Going Blind” - How to Offer Something Tangible So Readers Stay Engaged

A little research on direct mail marketing will show you how effective this form of marketing can be — [up to 4x more effective than online ads, in many cases]. But what accounts for this increased ROI and engagement?

Let’s explore why some prospects may ignore online ads, and how direct mail can elicit a different response!

Why Prospects Ignore Online Ads and Email Marketing

In the early days of email and the internet, online ads and email marketing seemed like miracles. You could put your ad in front of millions of potential customers with online advertising and send thousands of ads to the inbox of potential customers with the push of a button.

But when you look at online ads or email marketing today, you quickly discover that the vast majority go largely ignored. The potential reasons for this behavior are limitless; however, we have targeted just a few of the top reasons why:

  1. Inboxes are overflowing. You only need to look at your own inbox to know how overwhelming email has become. Every site you visit wants to add you to their mailing list and send you the latest deals. This means you get many, many emails you are not expecting and do not want. Hence, the emails you send to your customers may be seen in the same light.

  2. Online ads are everywhere. No matter how often an ad flashes, moves, or plays through a video, it can still be ignored — and it often is, by many viewers. Like most consumers, it is rare when an ad can capture your attention for more than a split second on screen, and even more rare for that ad to have any lasting impact.

  3. Targeted ads often miss the mark. Whether you are using Google, Bing, Facebook, or LinkedIn, your target audience is often being narrowed through a robotic algorithm based on meaningless data. Instead of marketing to potential clients based on their social media preferences, it might be time to dive deeper and connect with them where it matters!

Offering Something Different — Tangible Mailers

Many of the same people whose email inboxes are overflowing barely get any mail in the real world. When a customer does get something tangible, like your direct mail ad, they take notice. Giving your prospects something to hold can make a huge difference in how your marketing message is received. Perhaps that is why direct mail is often registered as being the most effective marketing channel for generating conversions.

If you would like to explore the advantages of direct mail for your business, please contact us at www.TripleCrownMail.com and ask for a free quote!

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