• Tyson Ziegler

Don't Become A One Trick Pony - Diversify Your Marketing Strategy

Why Add a Second Marketing Channel (Like Direct Mail) When You Already Have a Channel That’s Working

It feels good to be on top. When things are going well, it is easy to rest on your laurels and assume you have mastered all that your business has to offer. But every long-term business owner knows that the only constant is change.

With this in mind, it is important to future-proof your success by diversifying your present — especially as it impacts your marketing channels.

Every Business Needs at Least Two Marketing Channels (Direct Mail Being One)

Businesses, particularly new businesses who have yet to carve out their audience, tend to find one marketing channel that works and then stop looking for new audiences. If you are a new business, your one marketing channel is probably online. Unfortunately, relying on a single marketing channel only sets you up for failure if that market happens to change unexpectedly— its never wise to put all your eggs into a single basket!

Multichannel Marketing

Smart businesses employ what is known as multichannel marketing— employing a variety of marketing channels to reach a variety of customers. Multichannel marketing may include:

- Online advertisements

- Direct mail

- Social Media

- Websites

- Email marketing and more…

Marketing companies that are good at what they do encourage clients to employ several different channels into their overall marketing strategy. While one channel may work well for now, there is never a guarantee that it will work well even three months from now. This is why the more channels you target today, the more customers you may reach tomorrow.

Direct Mail as a Marketing Channel

Direct mail is one of the oldest and most reliable marketing channels that businesses continue to use each and every day. Though this may sound undesirable, the fact is that direct mail is effective and highly sought after in every market. Reaching into customers' mail boxes and placing a high-quality add can increase the effectiveness of your entire budget and will often lead to a higher response rate than the average online ad channels.

Of course, like any marketing channel, direct mail needs to be done properly to yield optimal results. This is why you should contact the team at Triple Crown Mail to help you fully leverage your direct mail advertising. Contact us at www.TripleCrownMail.com to receive a free quote and ask about our diverse set of marketing solutions!

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