• Tyson Ziegler

3 Exceptional Direct Mail Success Stories—And What You Can Learn from Them

With so many businesses pushing to establish an online presence—through web content, social media, and online advertising—it is easy to assume that direct mail advertising is a thing of the past. But the reality is that some of the most successful companies today use direct mail to carve out their market. Here are three examples that you might know!

Burger King

When you think of Burger King, you probably think of one of their many television advertisements over the years. But Burger King doesn’t solely rely on TV ads to reach potential customers—they also lean heavily on direct mail to attract the hungry through their doors. Using methods like surveys and in-store opt-ins, Burger King has generated a massive mailing list that keeps them in regular contact with their customers and maximizes the life-time value of their audience.


You might find it ironic that the most well-known tech company in the world uses direct mail advertising—but they do! Though it may seem strange at first to imagine Google, the company that controls the largest percentage of online advertising, using direct mail advertising, the truth is that they have found much value in sending businesses AdWords credits and other incentives to add additional value and attract new business.


The brand-name acetaminophen company knows well the demographics of its market. Many people who want and/or need pain relievers may not be all that internet savvy. Therefore, direct mail might be one of the only options for getting their product in front of qualified leads. This has made direct mail advertising a clear choice to increase the sales of Tylenol products worldwide, and to impact their ever-increasing bottom-line.

As we have seen, thousands of businesses generate massive profits through direct mail advertising solutions. You, too, can leverage the same tried and true marketing channel for your business by contacting a professional and developing a strategy with us.

If you are ready to take your advertising to the next level, contact our team at Triple Crown Mail and we'd be happy to provide you with a solution!

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