Generate Mortgage Leads with a Direct Mail Strategy


The U.S. housing market has continued to grow over the years. Predictions are that the growth will continue to grow in the coming years, despite the uncertainty around the COVID-19 pandemic.


Studies show that home prices were stable during previous pandemics, although there is a drop in home sales in the initial phase of an outbreak. This means that businesses and consumers will continue to actively seek mortgages and refinancing opportunities.


This is great news for your mortgage business, particularly if you are ready to take on additional clients. However, to stay ahead of your competitors, it’s imperative to stand apart with an effective direct mail strategy that helps you generate more leads.


Here are the benefits of a direct mail strategy:


  • Hyper-targeted: You can select the recipients of the direct mail (awkard) using a set of data such as income level, geographic area, lifestyle, and so on. Reputed direct mail specialist companies can provide additional filters to hyper-target based on credit score, non-payments or late payments. You can select borrowers in specific groups such as those seeking Veteran’s Affairs, reverse mortgage, or adjustable-rate mortgage loans.

  • Impactful messages: Targeted direct mail allows you to personalize messages that are relevant and useful to homebuyers in the local market.

  • Economical: Direct mail has multiple choices, including EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail), targeted mails, and postcards that use specific list sources. This helps you avoid waste and optimize your marketing budget.


Create a winning direct mail strategy


The first step in lead generation is to draw up a long-term direct mail marketing plan. Consistency, creativity, and relevance are the three keys to crafting your mortgage business image. Every piece of direct mail reflects your commitment and authenticity. Tailoring messages to individual consumer sets is important to generate high-quality leads.


It is best to entrust a real estate direct mailing service who can provide the best of direct mail marketing Kentucky region has. The direct mail specialist can handle your direct mail campaigns; they can use a data-driven approach to target the right type of borrowers.