Zip Code Mailing has been used as a local marketing tool for companies who would like to sell their products and services within a particular geographical area that’s broader than a courier route. It is a great strategy for slimming down on your marketing efforts and expenses while keeping an eye on the customers and businesses located within your business’ proximity and location. This optimizes your conversion rate.

Our database is built on reliable information gathered from the US Postal System. The right list ensures your promotions reach their intended destination using demographic filters based on zip code, county, city, area code, and even the carrier route.

A wider geographic scope for your marketing efforts would allow your company to save on postage rates which can be used to cover different types of listings. And regardless of your business’ size, TripleCrown Mail can create a campaign that will fit just about any budget.

We ensure your cost compared to other marketing tools available will be lower, and you’ll be in a position to enjoy a greater ROI! Contact us now to find out how! 

When Is Zip Code Mailing A Fit?

At TripleCrown, we believe in utilizing all the data we have to run the most laser-like and effective direct mail campaigns possible. Laser-focused data mining minimizes excess spending, saves you money, and ultimately increases your campaign ROI. We always compare multiple options, like zip code mailings and saturation mailings to make sure we’re making the most of you advertising dollars.


Businesses that benefit most from this campaign are:


  • Automotive shops
  • Banks
  • Chiropractors
  • Dentists
  • Dry cleaners (depends on zip code density and business location)
  • Hair salons (depends on zip code density and business location)
  • Insurance
  • Many types of retail though this is on a case by case basis depending on what you sell. 
  • Most fitness centers (ie..cross fit gym or boxing club not a good fit)
  • Nail salons (depends on zip code density and business location)
  • Real Estate
  • Recreation (golf, bowling, fun parks, dance classes, sports teams, theaters, etc..)
  • Restaurants
  • Tax accountants
  • Urgent care