Non-Profit Organizations

As a Non profit organization, you rely on people's generosity. The good news is that Americans are some of the most generous people in the world. Check out these stats from 2017:

  • Americans gave more than $400 billion through organizations and personal relationships for the first time. 
  • That was an increase of 5.2%!

Are you reaching these individuals with your message? Combining that information with a newsletter outlining what you are doing to help in your area of expertise can generate new funds for your organization. TripleCrown Mail can help you access these dollars by generating a targeted mailing list that identifies people with values most aligned to your own. Let us show you how to experience this potential.

Your Letter Can Look Like This

Our Services


We can prepare your letter for you in order to craft the right look you need. 


Targeted Mailing Lists

We utilize the latest data gathered for Fortune 500 companies to get you the best list of potential donors. This data identifies demographic, transactional, media behaviors, purchase intent, and attitudinal indicators to give us the precision necessary in putting together the list that will give you the best return for your mailing list dollars. 


Printing Specialists

Once we receive your artwork and data, we can make your letter look fantastic at an affordable price. 


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