3 Ways Direct Mail Marketing Can Boost Your Insurance Firm’s Success


Marketing professionals in the insurance sector face some unique challenges. These include:


  • As an insurance firm, you sell products that many people do not enjoy buying

  • You also have the tough job of pointing out the risks of not buying insurance.

  • Insurance is complex and difficult to understand


Given the multiple touchpoints in the insurance journey, keeping your consumers engaged and motivated across these points is incredibly important.  Insurance direct mail marketing (DM) tools enable you to do exactly this.


Three ways DM boosts insurance firms’ success


1. Add the human touch


In purchase industries such as insurance, it’s critical for firms to solve problems, help complete a purchase, and build trust in the product. A poll shows 32 percent of consumers would like to complete a purchase over the phone while only five percent wish to engage with AI tools such as chatbots. Posters, flyers, phone calls, and brochures are seen as more ‘personal’ forms of communication.


2. Personalize messages and product offerings


Consumers are increasingly demanding personalization of marketing messages. Close to 80 percent will share their data in exchange for personalized services, faster claims processing, and lower prices. An Accenture poll revealed insurance consumers want personalized pricing strategies that are tailored to match their purchase behavior.


DM can be combined with multiple channels, such as email marketing and social media messaging. This is the reason why many insurance firms are on the lookout for the most reliable ‘direct mailing services near me’ who can provide targeted customer lists. 


The most reliable provider of direct mail marketing Kentucky area have, can help you use smart data based on consumer demographics, lifestyle, preferences, and purchase behavior to design highly individualized marketing messages and offers. DM channels are easy to measure, enabling you to link insurance premiums to targeted consumers’ lifestyles and safe driving habits, for instance.


3. Educate with postcards and brochures


There is a lot of misinformation and misconception out there concerning insurance. Many people think life insurance is much costlier than what it is actually (awkward), which prevents them from buying it. DM tools such as creative direct mail brochures or postcards are the best way to educate your consumers on the actual cost of insurance and how, in the long run, these products prevent financial difficulties.