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Email campaigns are often referred to as "Digital Direct Mail." Instead of thinking about the emails you received daily as spam and junk, let's consider nine reasons why Email marketing lists can be the missing piece to increase your company's presence, reach new customers and preserve and care for old ones.


9 Reasons to Use Email Marketing Lists

1. Email marketing is measurable through direct response. You send the email and based upon the number of responses you can determine if people are responding and how effective the campaign is.

2. Email campaigns don't necessarily need to be mass or generic. They can be specific and target audiences. All of that can be done with the appropriate data that has emerged in the last 10 years. 

If you are targeting companies, that can be done by focusing on company revenue, employee size, location, contact title, SIC, industry, and more. 

3. Direct Marketing Association (DMA) affirms that, on average, every $1 spent on Mass email marketing brings $43 in return. 

4. According to the Email Statistics Report (2012-2016), 2.6 billion people have email and many open their email multiple times a day. As a result, it is a promising place to be and to go and use to reach customers and businesses.

5. Email campaigns increase website traffic, and what separates potential customers from you is just a click. Emails can be the hook to bring new customers to you or for you to capture their information for a follow-up. 

6. Bulk email marketing campaigns go fast. As soon as you send, the person receives it. If you don't have much time this might be one of the best strategies and options for you (Some email blast campaigns might take 1-2 days).

7. Email marketing campaigns are relatively inexpensive compared to other campaigns. Including the list, the creative, the blast, the management, and the report can cost as low as 6-9 cents per email.

8. People are curious and most of them have a smartphone. When they receive a social media or email notification they want to read it. If you send the right email, they will click and that's your chance. 


9. We need to go where people are. Many individuals in North America have a smartphone. When they receive a social media or email notification they want to read. If you send the right email, many will click because of curiosity, and that's your chance. 

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