TripleCrown Mail Is Your EDDM® Leader


Every Door Direct Mail Is Your Whole-Neighborhood Solution

The USPS developed EDDM to enable businesses to take advantage of the lowest postal rates available so you can reach more new customers for less. EDDM utilizes postage rates as low as .18 cents per piece so canvassing a neighborhood could not be cheaper. TripleCrown Mail can print and mail your EDDM postcard anywhere in the country so you don’t have to.


How Does EDDM Work?

Besides capturing every home in a neighborhood and getting the best postal rates available, EDDM postcards must meet certain size requirements. These postcards must be at least 11.5” long, 6.125” tall, and smaller than 12”X15” in total size. We can usually turn a standard sized postcard into an EDDM piece.


After printing your postcard, the pieces are bundled and shipped to the mail routes local postal facility where it is then delivered to every home within the mail carrier route. With 81% of households skimming their mail every day (USPS Household Diary Study), a general call to action that can be responded to by everyone.



When does EDDM make sense?

If you want to attract customers near your business, EDDM could be the right solution for you if your product or service is useful to the general public. Industries that benefit from EDDM regularly include:


  • Churches

  • Auto Repair

  • Dentists

  • Dry Cleaners

  • Restaurants

  • Really, any industry that wants to reach every neighbor with their advertisement



Let TripleCrown Mail take care of preparing, printing, and mailing your EDDM Postcard. Give us a call. We'll answer all your questions, and show you how painless working with a mail house can be!