Grow Your Dental Practice With Direct Mail Campaigns


Looking to boost footfalls in your dental practice?  Whether your goal relates to attracting new patients, engaging your existing ones, or getting in touch with former clients, the solution lies in a direct mail campaign.


A majority of U.S. consumers prefer to receive traditional direct mail materials as opposed to digital mails. Not surprisingly, direct mail accounts for $38.5 billion of advertising spend.


Direct mail generates trust, engages your clients while delivering a tangible promotional material that helps you catch the eye of targeted customers.


Direct mail options


The best dental direct mail campaigning providers offer a wide range of direct mail options that help you meet your marketing objectives. Here are some of the dental direct mail services you can explore:


  • Targeted Direct Mail – A targeted direct mail enables you to reach out to the right demographic slices within your region that helps boost return on your marketing investment. The most reliable targeted direct mail providers use powerful tools to filter your prospects based on location, income, age, income, and health status.

  • Every Door Direct Mail or EDDM - EDDM is an economical way of sending surgeon postcards, educational brochures, or flyers to specific neighborhoods.

  • Postcards – Postcards are one of the best ways to communicate with your prospects. Well-designed standard, square or vertical postcards can boost open and response rates.

  • Brochures and flyers –These are ideal for showcasing the treatment options and services available at your practice. A brochure can help you highlight how your dental practice stands out from the rest. Well-designed direct mail materials help boost trust and engagement. Printed messages are seen as more trustworthy as compared to digital marketing materials by 82 percent of Millenials.


Work with a direct mail expert


Using dental direct mail campaigning is one of the ideal ways to fill your appointment book and grow your dental practice. The most experienced provider of postcard marketing Kentucky region can lay claim to can design an accurate dental direct mail campaign that brings you a measurable and impressive return on your advertising investment.