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Generating business growth entails being able to regularly promote the right products and services to your target audience. To do this, you need to start with an artwork and design that is pleasant to the eye. We can help you out with a team of professionals that can create the quality you need to sell and promote your product or service.

Learning from mistakes is the first step.

5 Poor Artwork  Mistakes Companies and Individuals Make

1. Unreadable/ugly headline. 

If the headline is poorly presented, the reader will ignore the text and content. As a result, the customer won't consider purchasing your product or inquire about your service. 

2. Cluttered ad

Too much stuff may seem to be a good idea, but it's not. It causes confusion and irritation. To be concise, clear, and focused is better than being verbose. 

3. Hidden contact information

People don't want to waste time. If they need to spend too much energy trying to find the information, they will just give up, and we don't want that to happen.

​4. Lack of a call to action or poorly designed.

Direct mail is all about guiding people to act and respond to your campaign. If the call to action is not done well, people won't respond. Let's strategize a way to make people see where they should go. 

5. Color, font, and style exaggeration.

Too many colors, too many fonts, and an odd style will cause a negative impact when people see your artwork. You may make them laugh instead of buying your product. Thus, potential customers will be turned off if they dislike what they see. Cleaning up the artwork is necessary and indispensable. 

Now that we've learned what is wrong and generates poor results, let us help you get it right and avoid repeating the same mistakes.

Your money needs to be well invested!

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