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We make clients happy because we provide effective and engaging custom mailers at the best price!
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Highly Targeted Direct Mail Ad Campaigns

Triple Crown offers you everything you need to run highly targeted direct mail ad campaigns affordably and effortlessly. We offer a wide variety of products and solutions to ensure your campaigns are always successful.


Postcards are an outstanding way to get your message across as their small size allows them to stand out in a mailbox. Another benefit is that because they don't come in an envelope, almost all postcards get read and have a relatively high response rate of 4.25%.


Even though currently, there are very few personal letters being sent in favor of digital communication methods. About 60% of the pieces of mail received by US households are direct mail marketing materials. Despite this, 41% of Americans, across all age groups, still look forward to checking their mail each day. This enthusiasm partly explains why the average response rate is 9% for house lists and 4.9% for prospect lists.


As with all marketing methods, the best way to ensure you are reaching your potential consumers is to ensure that you are using a high-quality mailing list. A bad mailing list is simply a waste of money resulting in mail being returned as undeliverable. We can provide multiple types of lists from the most reputable providers. We purchase at high volumes resulting in lower costs pass the savings on to you.

Artwork & Design

An unattractive direct mail piece can negatively impact open rates and conversion rates. Investing in the graphic design elements of your mail can be a fantastic way to improve the performance of your campaigns. We offer professional graphic design services to ensure that your direct marketing regardless of mail format, always looks incredible.

Why Direct Mail?

Still one of the best ways to reach potential customers.

$35.8 billion was spent on direct mail campaigns comprising the largest portion of US local advertising spend. Traditional mail may feel outdated compared to more modern marketing channels like digital marketing, but it’s still one of the best ways to reach potential customers. There’s something more personal about receiving a piece of mail and the statistics that go with each direct mail marketing campaign support this.
Open rates with direct mail can be as high as 90% compared to email with average open rates between 20-30%.
42% of consumers who receive direct mail, scan or read it.
70% of recipients stated direct mail has a more personal touch than online efforts.
54% of potential consumers would like to receive direct mail from brands that interest them.
Response rates for direct mail are higher than all other marketing methods.
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Reach Your Potential Clients

Triple Crown offers you everything you need to run highly targeted direct mail ad campaigns affordably and effortlessly. We offer a wide variety of products and solutions to ensure your campaigns are always successful.

Real Estate Direct Mailing Services

Realtors are always in demand! Quickly and efficiently let potential clients know how you can help.

Automotive Business Mailing Services

Car Washes, Auto Detailing, Auto Sales, whether you're B2B or B2C reach and acquire more customers.

Mortgage Mortage Mailing Services

Against all odds the housing market continues to grow. Potential home buyers need your services, help them find you.

Insurance Mailing Services

Insurance isn't an exciting purchase. But you know that multiple touchpoints are critical to the sale. Let us make that easy for you.

Dental Mailing Services

Patients can't visit you if they don't know about you. Whether you're looking for new patients or engaging existing ones, we can help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Direct mail is any type of advertising that reaches the customer through the mail. This could be a postcard, a letter in an envelope, a catalog, or any other type of paper that is sent through the postal service.

Direct mail is one of the most powerful and effective ways to connect with your customers.

  • 57.5%-85% of recipients scan or read their direct mail [Newswires] versus 21.33% with cold email campaigns [MailChimp].
  • The average ROI for direct mail is $4.09 for $1.27 invested [Newswires].
  • Direct mail allows you to target specific customer demographics so the right people receive your message.

Direct mail allows for highly detailed targeting, from geographic segmentation to demographic information like age, income level, political affiliation etc. In addition to this, there are many options for the medium of your message, a flyer, mail, a postcard, a catalog etc. Our team can help explain the various options and make recommendations to maximize the results of your campaign.

Several factors can influence the time it can take to prepare and complete your campaign. These factors include quantity, destinations, rush options, etc. Contact our team and after discussing a few aspects of your campaign we’ll be able to provide an estimated timeline for completion.

Absolutely. We can provide mailing lists tailored to a number of geographic and demographic requirements to ensure your mail is reaching your ideal customers. Contact us today and we can discuss the size, geographic, and demographic options of your list and quickly provide you with a quote.