Why Include Direct Mail Marketing to your advertising strategy?

Direct Mail Marketing is a low-cost marketing method for reaching a wider audience while at the same time increasing the marketability of your brand and increasing sales. This strategy allows you to penetrate the market by directly offering promotions to your intended audience.


Grow your business by targeting the right audience!

Though there are plenty of promotional and advertising strategies, Direct Mail Marketing is the most powerful way of influencing the right people to pay attention to your company. Unlike its counterparts, Direct Mail Marketing is not time-bound and costs way cheaper than the average airtime.  With TripleCrown Mail services and your marketing campaign, your sales are sure to increase!

How Effective Is Direct Mail Marketing? Statistics don’t lie!

  • People read postcards in greater numbers with a 3.9% year-over-year increase (USPS Household Diary Study).
  • For ages 18-21, response rates doubled in 2016! (USPS HDS). Psst, Millenials pay attention to postcards!
  • In 2014, every dollar spent on Direct Market Advertising generated an average of $15.48 in Direct Marketing Sales (DMA).
  • Over 141 million homes and businesses received 1.21 billion pieces of mail in the US in 2017 (DMA).
  • 91% of prospect Direct Mail Marketing was opened (Ebiquity Rapport 2010) vs. 11% open rates for acquisition email (DMA).
  • Direct mail advertising lead to purchases made by 51% of consumers.
  • 58% of your customers are more likely to click on a search link if they have already received your post card (Hall and Partners, DM+Search research, 2008).
  • Direct mail response rates outperform email. Direct mail response stands at 3.40% for letter-sized direct mail to a house list and 1.28% to the general public or a prospect list. This compares with email response rates at 0.12% and 0.03% respectively (DMA 2012 as reported by IWCO Direct).


Why Choose Direct Mail Marketing? Because It Works!

Why TripleCrown Mail?

  • Lowest Prices: We offer the Lowest Prices for your marketing needs GUARANTEED!
  • Best Data: We offer our customers the best Data Lists guaranteeing you the highest achievable Return for your advertising dollars.
  • Quickest Turn Times: We can produce your next marketing piece and have it mailed out in 2 business days!
  • Quality Service: From creation to completion, we won’t rest until your  business is a success!

Effectively build your brand by creating eye-popping promotions

A perfect promotional strategy goes hand in hand with the marketing tools you use to help build your brand. Choosing the right design and print for your campaigns is not as hard with the right help. Triple Crown Mail helps you all the way from inception to project implementation!


TripleCrown Mail is dedicated to your success. As the premiere Direct Marketing firm in the industry, our promise is to help you develop the most effective marketing campaigns for your business’ success.


You like sales. We exist to help you generate them. At TripleCrown Mail, our team provides our customers with the highest quality direct mail advertising guaranteed. That quality is seen in our exceptional pricing, utilizing the best data sources in the industry, combined with our championship customer service.


We back our low prices with a guarantee to beat any competitor’s quote. This keeps our customer’s costs low and profit margins high. It’s our way of helping your business succeed, and we promise the quality product your business deserves. We have the right team of creatives who can make your mailers get responses. Because when you look good, we’ve done our job!


At TripleCrown Mail, we can’t wait to go to work for you! Speak to one of our marketing specialists now to get your winning campaign started.

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